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Four Christmases

Four Christmases (2008)
Director: Seth Gordon
Cast : Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn, Mary Steenburgen

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Synopsis; Brad and Kate have been together three years, in love, having fun, doing all sorts of things together with no intention of marriage or children. Christmas morning, they’re on their way to Fiji, having told their two sets of divorced parents that they’re off to do charity work. Through a fluke, they have no choice but to visit each of their four idiosyncratic parents. As the day progresses, Brad and Kate remember growing up, each learns more about the other, and Kate realizes that her life may not be as good as it could be. Do they know each other well enough to weather the storms families bring?

Four Christmases

Watch Four Christmases Full Movie: Ah the Christmas movie, is there anything more fitting and resembling of its subject matter when it comes to big screen adaptations? Much like the holiday season itself however, one can’t assume absolute objectivity; Christmas is undoubtedly a holiday that is about family, joy and celebration and yet there are hordes of people who anticipate the ringing on sleigh bells with about as much excitement as a turkey waiting to be put into an oven. Four Christmases surprisingly accommodates this somewhat polarising aspect of the holiday during its initial stages, but then promptly spirals into cliché storytelling for the sake of proving a warm and fuzzy ending to melt the bitter snow in our hearts. What’s most surprising however is that the movie’s sugary latter half actually works a whole lot better than its former, as director Seth Gordon never quite hits the ball on his intended edgy comedy routines. In the end what you end up with is something akin to a dangerously half-cooked turkey dinner that has its moments and yet fails to satisfy because of the amount of picking you have to do. It’s standard Christmas-time affair that will be sure to mildly please those who are into such a thing, but for the rest of us, it’s just another thing on the list to avoid.


Watch Four Christmases Full Movie: The name of the game this time around is, yes, you guessed it; family. Well, that, and dysfunction (of course). Four Christmases, a movie about finding out about the real joys of life –which resolve to be not exotic holidays or gifts, but real, honest companionship- never goes anywhere new with what it has to say; if you’ve seen any number of cookie-cutter Christmas movies, you’ve pretty much seen this. To its advantage and at times disadvantage, the script penned by a whole array of writers I’m not even going to bother listing does broaden its horizons with comedy that stays true to the sub genre’s a-typical formula but branches off with a little more risqué material. As to whether or not the risks reap any rewards is something of a mixed bag; there are moments when Four Christmases is genuinely funny, and the performances do well to get this across, but with far too many misses and an overwhelming lack of such instances, the movie certainly isn’t going to have you out of your seat. That of course doesn’t mean that there isn’t fun to be had here, because there is; this is a feature that is bound to lightly amuse more than cause a ruckus of laughter, and for that there is a certain amount of praise warranted.

Four Christmases movie

Watch Four Christmases Full Movie: Where Four Christmases slips up quite often though lies in the tepid romance that is supposed to be getting some analytical treatment here. The story of Brad and Kate is not a new one; madly in love for three years, the two have been sharing a life of luxury together for a long time now, and yet never really got to know each other in the process. The movie opens with a rather striking sequence that even shows the two role-playing in public as cooked up personas, which is interesting considering how little time they have spent getting to know each other. Of course, this is an interesting premise, but little is done to capitalise on it script wise. When it comes to the performances of Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, the dynamism and chemistry is just as rigid and dead; there is no believable spark present and no genuine moments of heart-warming romance. In fact, the most believable moments that occur between Vaughn and Witherspoon is when they are at odds with each other; again this plays into the movie’s much more engaging comedic edge, but does little to pad out the silliness. On their own, the two thespians provide great performances respectively, but brought together there’s an imbalance that never quite allows either of them to connect.


Watch Four Christmases Full Movie: If there’s one thing that the movie does get right however, it’s conveying the frantic chaos inherent to the holiday, especially when it comes to family celebrations and get-togethers. Of course it’s standard fare that has been done countless other times in far greater features, but in amongst the many problems that Four Christmases suffers from, such moments of awkward and often slapstick family confrontations fulfil their purpose of tickling the audience far greater than any of the other lacking elements. For a Christmas movie, it’s not bad, but it’s not great either; throwing in sporadic comedy and fun with lukewarm romance and lazy plotting, Four Christmases isn’t anything new for holiday movie lovers to soak up, but it certainly isn’t anything to loose any sleep over either. Instead it simply exists as a throw away for a couple of hours of silly entertainment to lighten the spirits; it may not do its job coherently, but it does so enough to satisfy those that target such affairs.


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Fred Claus (2007)
Director: David Dobkin
Cast : Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Elizabeth Banks

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Synopsis; During childhood, Fred Claus suffered his younger brother Nick’s saintliness. Jump ahead: Fred is a fast-talking, genial but self-centered guy in Chicago looking for $50,000 to open an off-track-betting shop. When one scam goes awry, he calls Nick at the North Pole for a loan: Nick will give him the money only if Fred comes up to help a few days with the Christmas rush. After his girlfriend dumps him, Fred heads north. Santa’s facing an audit from an efficiency expert, and it’s not pleasant. Fred’s job is to review charts and determine who’s naughty and who’s nice. Is there any fraternal feeling left, can either learn from the other, and what about Santa getting fired?


Watch Fred Claus Full Movie: Fred Claus has become one of my favorite Christmas movies. Directed by Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin, the movie stars Vince Vaughn as title character.

Watch Fred Claus Full Movie: I like how Dobkin starts the movie out with how Santa come to be, but continues to show that movie is about Santa’s older brother, Fred. The early part of the movie shows some good character development in establishing who Fred and Nick are and how they relate to each other.

Fred Claus

Watch Fred Claus Full Movie: I liked how Dobkin transitions into the modern day as it shows that Fred has become a repo man, yet at Christmastime his brother is everywhere. Fred cannot avoid him. The story then focuses on how Fred needs money to achieve his dream of owning a casino. Fred tries to get money by ringing a bell and asking like the Salvation Army. This causes him to be chased down by dozens of guys dressed up as Santa and be put in jail. Reluctantly, he goes to his brother for help. Nick tells him that he will bail him out, but for the rest of the money Fred needs, he has to come up to the North Pole and earn it.

Watch Fred Claus Full Movie: Vaughn is just excellent and shows how great he can be working with Dobkin. At times, it does feel like that he is just being himself, but every actor does just that. Vaughn makes a great effort at making Fred a well-rounded character, who at first seems like a cold guy, but he does have a heart and proves that to everyone.

Fred Claus

Watch Fred Claus Full Movie: Paul Giamatti is great in his supporting role as Santa. He does an excellent job at making Santa a very well-rounded emotional character, who is trying to keep his cool with Fred, his wife (Miranda Richardson), and an efficiency expert named Clyde Northcott played by Kevin Spacey. Richardson and Spacey are both great at playing their parts. Richardson makes Mrs. Claus out to be someone who thinks Fred is just up to no good and mooching off of his brother. Spacey is excellent at making Northcott a guy who hates Christmas, has a grudge against Santa, and is making it his mission to put an end to Santa.

Watch Fred Claus Full Movie: Kathy Bates does a fine job as Fred and Nick’s nagging mom, who makes it obvious that she favors Nick more than Fred. John Michael Higgins does some good work as Willie, Santa’s head elf. Higgins makes the role really believable as he shows that Willie is more than an elf.

Fred     Claus

Two other performances I liked were from two of my favorite actresses. Rachel Weisz plays Fred’s girlfriend Wanda. Wanda is a cop and she cannot always stand Fred’s behavior and antics, yet she cannot stay mad at him forever. Weisz is just great as she shows she has talent as a comedy actress. The other one is Elizabeth Banks, as she fits the role of Charlene, Santa’s helper who is great working with numbers. Banks is very attractive in the skirt her character wears and takes her role that could have been one dimensional and made it into something fun to watch.

There are also great work from the art department and costume designer. The art department did an excellent job at making the North pole look amazing and very believable as to what Santa’s workshop might look like. The costume designer does a great job with the wardrobe for all the characters, especially the diverse costumes for the elves.

Fred Claus (2007)

I think the best of it was the Dobkin never forgot that he was making a comedy. Dobkin excellently makes sure that it is a nice, feel good Christmas movie, but also includes laughs in every scene. Like Fred says, “Everyone deserves a present.” This movie is a real treat to watch around the holidays. This is a very good movie and while it is very funny, it also has some heart to it.

Fred Claus

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The Internship

The Internship (2013)
Director: Shawn Levy
Cast : Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne

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Synopsis;  Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson area unit salesmen whose careers are torpedoed by the digital world. making an attempt to prove they’re not obsolete, they defy the chances by talking their manner into a desirable post at Google, together with a battalion of sensible school students. however gaining entrance to the current utopia is barely 0.5 the battle. currently they have to contend with a bunch of the nation’s most elite, tech-savvy geniuses to prove that necessity very is that the mother of re-invention.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson do another friend comedy film eight years when the large success of Wedding Crashers. this point although, they’re doing a geographic point comedy film co-written by Vaughn and directed by Shawn Levy, whose different directorial efforts embody the Night at the depository films, Date Night, and Real Steel. Watch The Internship Online Free

The Internship 2

Vaughn and Wilson star as Billy McMahon and Nick Joseph Campbell, best buddies and salesmen WHO work along commercialism nice watches to retailers. The film begins with them having a dinner with a consumer (Gary Anthony Williams). once Billy and Nick try and sell the consumer watches to produce his store, he winds up having to inform them that their company collapsible up look. once they try and talk over with their boss (John Goodman), he extremely does not care and leaves Billy and Nick out of jobs. Billy’s girlfriend (Joanna Swisher) winds up selling him and he goes job looking out, whereas Nick reluctantly takes up employment operating as a salesperson at a pad store together with his sister’s uncommon swain (Will Ferrell). Shortly when, Billy involves Nick with the supply for them to be in AN interview for AN berth which will result in employment with Google, as Billy says it. when the interview, the most bosses all want WHO they permit to be a neighborhood of their berth. The bosses square measure unsure of permitting them to be a neighborhood of it. when one amongst the team leaders speaks up for Billy and Nick, they’re let in.

Billy and Nick meet many attention-grabbing individuals. one amongst the primary individuals they meet is Graham Hawtrey (Max Minghella), AN self-important fellow intern WHO is rude and pushing and suppose everything ought to be his. the most boss of the interns, Mr. Chetty (Aasif Mandvi), has high doubts regarding Billy and Nick. Nick starts having a crush on worker Celtic deity (Rose Byrne). They meet Lyle (Josh Brener) WHO was the guy WHO spoke up for them and winds up as their team manager. Their different teammates were Stuart (Dylan O’Brien) WHO acts sort of a meliorist, Neha (Tiya Sircar) WHO talks like she’s a well-liked lady, and toy (Tobit Raphael), a acutely aware guy WHO punishes himself by plucking out his eyebrows. the foundations were that every one the interns were teamed up in teams of 5 and therefore the winners of their contests within the berth received job offers.
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