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Wild Movie (2014)
Director: Jean-Marc Vallée
Cast : Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Gaby Hoffmann

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Synopsis; A chronicle of one woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe.


Watch Wild Full Movie: In the movie Wild (2014), Reese Witherspoon plays the real life Cheryl Strayed, a woman tortured by personal demons who makes a 1,100 mile hike from Mexico to Canada. Along with the evils of nature and evil nature of man she encounters, Cheryl is on a deep journey of self discovery. The movie is based on the real Cheryl Strayed’s book of the same name. (I didn’t read it) The real Cheryl has a cameo as the first person to pick up Reese’s Cheryl hitchhiking. This is director Jean-Marc Vallee’s follow up to last years critical success, Dallas Buyers Club (2013).

Watch Wild Full Movie: Wild is a great showcase for Reese Witherspoon’s acting talent. From the first seen, the movie sets you up for how painful the journey will be with a do-it-yourself podiatry work scene on a broken toenail. From there on out the pacing is deliberately slow yet methodical. Self discovery requires much time spent pondering life and flash backs. Laura Dern gives a heart breaking performance as Cheryl’s dying mother. Reese has reached a new level in here career with Wild. Cheryl is not a glamorous singer like June Carter, in Walk the Line (2005). One can’t help but be reminded of Emile Hirsch’s role in Into the Wild (2007), or James Franco’s 127 Hours (2010). To call Wild the female version of these is not to do it justice, Reese’s performance is on the same level.

Wild movie

Watch Wild Full Movie: No need to account for gender. I have always been a big Reese Witherspoon fan. Only not the Rom-Com, mainstream Reese; not a fan of the Legally Blonde (2001) series or movies like Sweet Home Alabama (2002). I first fell in love with Reese with Mark Wahlberg in Fear (1996). Then it was Freeway (1996) and Election (1999) that solidified her as a very eclectic, fun actress. If you haven’t seen either of those movies, check them out if you are a Reese fan. I think its interesting this role in Wild is also directed by the same director as Dallas Buyers Club. I think Reese has a very similar career path as Matthew McCaunehey. Both with southern twang and charm who built strong box office credibility with romantic comedies. Now in the second half of their career they are pushing with more challenging roles. Reese’s performance in Wild should earn her a nomination for best actress this year.

Watch Wild Full Movie: Also not to go unmentioned in this film is its solid soundtrack. Simon and Garfunkle’s El Condor Pasa/ If I Could, will haunt you well after the movie is over. The songs play out in echoes, like music from memory in a long time spent reflecting. Songs you just can’t get out of your head in the soundtrack of life. I love the use of Portis Head’s Glory Box in the more ominous drug and sex scenes. That song is a great mood setter. I was excited to recognize Everclear front man Art Alexakis in a small cameo as a tattoo artist. The closing credits has one of my new favorites, Swedish Band First Aid Kit doing a cover of R.E.M’s Walk Unafraid.

Wild movie 2014

Watch Wild Full Movie: In reflecting on this movie, I feel inspired to go on a similar journey. In our modern lives, with all the chaos of technology it becomes a fantasy to “go off the grid”. I think in contrast this could be a very comforting story during the crazy holiday season. Similar to 127 Hours or Into The Wild, yet with far less dire outcomes, this movie is about the triumph of the human spirit. The lesson being that its the ups and downs of life that make the journey all worth it.


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