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Ted 2

Ted 2 Movie (2015)
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Cast : Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried

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Ted  2

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One thought on “Download Ted 2 Movie | Download & Watch Ted 2 Online For Free

  1. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s very R-rated comedy / parody of the Western genre a million ways to die come to the West of May, all his fans not too long for his next directorial function wait. The MacFarlane comedy Ted sequel 2 is currently scheduled to hit theaters in summer 2015, set with Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett back with his “Thunder Buddy for Life” – CGI walk, talk and felony Teddy Ted (MacFarlane expressed in Peter Griffin mode).

    There is no official still strongly rumored plot to Ted sequel at this time, but this has less to do with MacFarlane as mysterious and more with when the project still stuck in pre-production (shooting, probably in the summer) . Yet we have a casting update that sweat throws in the next MacFarlane companies share a number of questions about what plot-wise.

    Period reported that Amanda Seyfried has the lead female role in Ted threw two while Wahlberg co-starred in the first film, Mila Kunis (fresh from working with MacFarlane in a million ways …) – MacFarlane long time employee who also expressed meg on Family Guy – the expectation is that only a small role in the sequel game (assuming they do not appear). , Getting more than rumors Kunis and MacFarlane feud in real life, but Deadline article points out that the pair “remain close”, and a decreased incidence Kunis’ Ted 2 is simply the result of a “creative decision” MacFarlane made ​​in relation the plot of the movie.

    Ted ended with John (Wahlberg) design and marry his girlfriend Lori dedicated (Kunis), although it does not necessarily have to be the couple separated or divorced – whether Seyfried plays new girlfriend John’s – Ted second alternative would be to possible scenarios follow sequel to John and Ted on a ‘boys only’ trip or vacation, where they to some wrongdoing (something like Seth MacFarlane the Hangover, actually), and finally with a newfound temptation for Seyfried character. John

    It is only one possible way to take the continuation of Ted, and there is a more than reasonable chance that the film goes in a different direction altogether. Anyway, a number of narrative allow in this direction continued to be presented to develop. The predecessor in both bridge-performance adult male and the coming-of-age topics

    Seyfried, for his part, seems to be doing pretty good laughs, but it is only in the few cases where it has been used in a significant capacity in the former Hollywood comedy vehicles based. Indeed, it seems to have a knack for that kind of timing and verbal comedy episode that MacFarlane traditionally require school.

    The trailer for a million ways to die in the West so far released marked Charlize Theron as linear (in) against MacFarlane – alongside Sarah Silverman naughty gags and monologues have presented – wait until he returns, as MacFarlane landed with Seyfried to comic power in his Blazing Saddles-like comedy – and it means that if they can in turn be used to generate Ted second the giggles

    Ted 2 in American theaters on June 26, 2015 …


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