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A Christmas Story 2 Full Movie

A Christmas Story 2 (2012)
Director: Brian Levant
Cast : Daniel Stern, Braeden Lemasters, Stacey Travis

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Synopsis; The original 100% all-American Christmas continues five years later with Ralphie, Randy, Mom, and The Old Man. Now Ralphie has his eyes fixed on a car. But trouble is sure to follow.


Watch A Christmas Story 2 Full Movie: Now we know the story of “A Christmas Story” by now. Not just the plot of the movie, but the story of the movie itself. Holiday movie based on Jean Shepherd’s writings comes out in 1983, doesn’t exactly set the world on fire. Then said movie hits cable and home video, and builds a following until it becomes a full-fledged Christmas icon and has its own 24-hour marathon. Not to mention tons of merchandising, and so what happened almost 3 decades later was probably more inevitable than Mrs. Parker asking Ralphie what he wanted for Christmas. Warner Premiere’s direct to DVD “official” sequel, “A Christmas Story 2.” Yes, without using any Jean Shepherd material, nor Shep being here to offer input or a role.

Watch A Christmas Story 2 Full Movie: I’ve been a fan of “A Christmas Story” from the start, laughing at the commercials and going to the theater to see it when I was 6. I’d always watch it on HBO, and as I grew up, I bought the VHS and later DVD. I hope to one day take a trip to Cleveland to visit the Christmas Story House. So I guess I was compelled either way to give this sequel a look, no matter the potential for a train wreck.

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Watch A Christmas Story 2 Full Movie: “A Christmas Story 2” takes place six years after the original. Ralphie is now 15 years old and has a new Christmas wish: a new car. However, unlike his quest for the Red Ryder BB gun, this one takes a backseat to other wacky holiday time antics. The car is actually the means to another end, as Ralphie wants to impress dream girl Drucilla (not Esther Jane, his love interest in the Shepherd stories who did cameo in the first movie). And that too is overshadowed when Ralphie takes the car for a test drive and ends up wrecking it. Now he must earn $85 to pay for the damage. Can he do it, with the help of his ever-present friends Flick and Schwartz? Meanwhile, kid brother Randy lives out Buck Rogers fantasies, the Old Man is still battling the furnace and has developed a sudden frugality (what happened to the “Arab trader” who’d make deals to get the perfect tree?) as well as an interest in ice fishing, and we get some appearances by familiar places, things, and jokes.

Watch A Christmas Story 2 Full Movie: And therein lays the first problem with this film. It comes off as a glorified ad for the first movie (and its merchandise too, perhaps?), “highlighted” by the return of its most famous item, the Leg Lamp. Other half-baked references include Ralphie’s car being wrecked in slow motion, as an excuse to revisit his “Ohhh fudge” exclamation; Flick voluntarily sticking his tongue into a pneumatic tube (seriously, he does it on his own accord, did his original experience make him a masochist?); and Ralphie using his earned money to take a homeless family to the Chop-Suey diner, which is rendered useless due to political correctness, but hey, at least you’re reminded to buy a figurine of the restaurant to complete your collection! Other than the shameless revisiting of the original, “A Christmas Story 2” also cannot shake the direct-to-DVD/borderline sitcom feel.


Watch A Christmas Story 2 Full Movie: Indeed, a teen’s quest for a car, and having to raise money to make up for damage caused by some antic, are both hackneyed television tropes you would think would have been below Bob Clark’s standards (then again, he did direct “Baby Geniuses”…). The movie’s highest profile star, Daniel Stern, plays the Old Man like a gruff caricature of Darren McGavin. I am sure someone considered it “clever” casting because he was on a TV show where a narrator revisited his youth. The subtle and charming humor of the original film is missing here as well, as seen in young Randy’s dropping of several S.O.B. bombs. Remember how much you loved Ralphie doing the same after being duped by Little Orphan Annie? You’ll love it being repeated in clusters, in the first few minutes of the film! And where the original’s department store Santa was mostly scary because, well, store Santas are scary, the sequel’s Santa is a nasty man who can’t stop complaining about his wife’s affairs.

Watch A Christmas Story 2 Full Movie: The people behind “A Christmas Story 2” may not shoot their eye out, but they sure shot themselves in the foot. This 90-minute ad/sitcom should serve as a warning that cashing in on nostalgia doesn’t always work, without the organic elements that gave the originals their heart and entertainment value. The past is better revisited than recreated.


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